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Recommendation AGAINST doing screening office EKGs:

In the past, chest x-rays and EKGs (electrocardiograms) were part of an annual exam. These tests in low risk individuals can actually be HARMFUL by leading to unnecessary further testing.

Here's a link to a new article recommending AGAINST screening EKGs.

What about vitamin D?

Vitamin D screening and supplementation has been the rage for the last few years. There are many claimed possible benefits, but the only proven use is to help calcium absorption in post-menopausal women.

Click for a June 2019 JAMA that shows NO BENEFIT of vitamin D supplementation to reduce the risk of heart attack in 83,000 people. 

Insurance companies are catching on. Most will not cover this $300 test, and pass the cost directly to the patient.

Cologuard and colon cancer screening

Cologuard is being advertised as an alternative to colonoscopy for screening for colon cancer in adults 50 and older. This test is far inferior to colonoscopy, and only detects 42% of aggressive precancers (worse than a coin toss). Don't take my word for it, click here to see the information on their web site.

If you want to know if you HAVE colon cancer, you can take this test. If want to PREVENT colon cancer, you need a colonoscopy.

Also Cologuard is not appropriate for people with a family history of colon cancer or previous abnormal colonoscopy.

For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 911

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